Class Descriptions

Plyo Dance

Plyo Dance is an innovative dance fitness that provides the intensity level comparable to that of an insanity workout, but remains the fun, sexy, hip hop dance class that so many crave. The intensity comes from plyometric movements; a form of jump training that is weaved throughout the routines.

Cardio Drum

n all ages-all levels sweaty core/cardio mess. Many modifications can be made for those pregnant, injured or beginning any exercise routine. Kids encouraged to join if space permits!

Cardio Strength Tabata

Tabata Strength Workout is an advanced High Intensity Interval Workout that will challenge every muscle in your body with tough, whole body exercises. Each Tabata set includes 20 seconds of strength training followed by 10 seconds of rest- repeated for a total of 4 minutes. This workout is best for advanced exercisers who are comfortable with complex movements and intense training.

Circuit HIIT

The core objectives of circuit training are to increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Each training session usually includes a combination of both cardio exercise and strength training. However, circuit training does include whatever many types of exercises that help you accomplish your exercise goals. Increasing your heart rate to burn fat & fun doing it!

Dance Fitness

If you like to dance at all. If  you like music at all. This is one thing you can do that DOESNT feel like a workout until the next morning. It is sexy, It is fun, and the lights are off!

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